Important Things you need to Know about Name Labels

Did you know that your business can do much better if the products that you are offering are well labeled? Labeling, whether it involves the use of sticky labels, printed labels or any other types of name labels, ensures that your customers have more information about the products that you have on offer. The information includes aspects such as price, where the item is located in your shop, the product’s date of manufacture and expiry date and so forth.

What sticky labels and printed labels do to products

1. Describing the product:

A label provides complete information about a product. In most cases, a name label includes the ingredients of the product, how the product is used, and caution regarding the product’s use. For instance, if you are selling honey, the containers will have printed labels that indicate the name of your brand, how the honey was prepared, and the fact that honey is high in calories.

1. Identifying the product

Your product can be identified more easily if it is labeled. If you are selling home-made soap, for instance, you can use sticky labels on the soap containers to alert consumers about the soap.

1. Grading of a product

When a product comes in different qualities, labels help to indicate packages that have different qualities of the product. For example, you will find cartons with printed labels indicating the quality of the product in each carton.

1. Helping to promote a product

There is no doubt that customers prefer products that are well-labeled school labels. When labeling a product, it is important to ensure that a label does not interfere with the product. For instance, you can use sticky name label that can be easily removed on clothes.

Manually made or machine-made sticky labels or printed labels?

You can decide to make your labels manually or using a machine. Manually made labels may involve simply writing the information about a product on a piece of paper and sticking it on the product’s pack. For instance, you can use self-adhesive or sticky labels on a piece of furniture that you are selling.

Machine-made labels involve some printing an iron on name labels. For instance, you can design a label on your computer, print it and have it affixed on a carton of your product. Your design skills will determine how your printed labels will look.

There are also non-adhesive labels that are printed or handwritten. Such labels can be attached to the pack of a product through means such as stapling or stringing them to the pack.